PLP Properties was organized in 2005 with four Madison Indiana business partners. The partners are successful in their own various businesses and each bring a specific talent to the partnership. Their goal is to manage and offer up to 100 units overall, with a combination of single family dwellings, effeciancy, studio and multiple bedroom apartment spaces. To dated they have achieved half their goal and are continuing to aquire then revamp, restore and update additional buildings in Jefferson County and Historic Madison.

Hanover College Way Apartments
College Way Apartments consist of newly constructed 1BR & Studio Apartments available in Hanover, Indiana for $495/mo. with year lease. All utilities included as are all major appliances with central heat and A/C. For availability call PLP at:(812)866-9890.
Rent a Home
PLP Properties has sevaral single family one, two and three bedroom homes as rentals. Some in the Hanover area and also in the Historic Madison area. Contact PLP Properties today for availability.
Property for Sale
From time to time, PLP Properties offers for sale to the public real estate in the Jefferson County, Madison and Hanover areas at attractive market prices. Currently there are no properties for sale.

PLP Properties News

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